Stan Rogers – Strings And Dory Plug chords

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Strings and Dory Plug

Tabbed by Jack Dingler

Lee Bushnell (Stan Rogers's uncle)
on "For the Family" - Stan Rogers
Copywright 1983 Folk Tradition Records


G C G D GI'm going to tell a story, a funny one you see
C G C GAbout a Hazel Hiller, a married man is he
C G C GHis house is on the highway, and if the road comes through
C G D GHe'll have to tear his mansion down and build it up anew
He's moved to many places, sometimes to Hazel Hill And sometimes into Canso, it seems he can't keep still But now I think he's settled down with his dear loving wife He bought himself a gramaphone and lives a happy life One day he said to Dory Plug, "I've got to earn my bread I'm going straight to Lena's, I've got to use my head" From her he bought a bicycle, what he paid her we don't know He tied a box behind him, to Canso he did go From door to door he travelled, "15 cents for one" He couldn't make it prosper, it wasn't any fun His fish business is ended, he couldn't make it pay So then he said to Dory Plug "I'll try another way" But Dory got a little bored while hubby was away There wasn't anything to do to pass the time away There was one thing she wanted, she said to hubby "Dear The time would pass more quickly if I had a rocking chair" Well Strings said to his darling "Your wish is my command To show how much I love you I'll make you one by hand" As Strings was such a handy man by night the job was done He took that thing upstairs and said "Now try this out for fun" She sat down on the rocker while Strings went down below To fetch a cup of coffee to help the evening go While Dory Plug above him was rocking back and forth And singing to her Stringy-boy for all that she was worth But Dory got excited and rocked a bit too fast And as her heels swung higher the chair gave way at last The floor gave way beneath her, both chair and Dory Plug Fell right into the coffee pot and broke their only mug So now my story's ended, it may get me in jail But there are many people who'd surely go my bail So if they come to get me to throw me in the jug I'll never forget that cardboard house of String and Dory Plug
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