Stan Rogers - Wreck Of The Athens Queen tab

I'm a new hand at Adding Tabs (at least to the internet), but it shocked me no to hear 
classic at least chorded-out. There's a lot of other stuff going on in the song, but 
on an acoustic, this sounds about right:

Wreck of the Athens Queen

A                A/G#    F#m     F#m/E      D         E         A
We were drinking down to Ready's place when first we heard the blow
A            A/G#      F#m     F#m/E     D            Bm
It seemed to come from Ripper Rock so boldly forth we go
D                 A                               F#m-E
And sure enough a rusty tub could just barely be seen
A                                      F#m
As her stern was high up in the air we made out "Athens Queen"
D               E     A
Oh the lovely Athens Queen

and so forth...
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