Stan Walker - Black Box tab

Ok this is my 1st tab so dt be harsh
my bro listens  this music but i dnt
it was his bday and my band played there so i transpired a tabs for him
so the it is drop d
Stan Walker 
Black Box

E---------------------------]B---------------------------]G---------------------------]D----5- 8--3- 8--3- 8--3 8--]A----3- x--3- x--1- x--3 x--]D----------3- --------3 ---]
Thats the basic chord progression for whole song but you could play a little lead riff in the chorus like so if u wanted
E----------------------------------------------------]B----------------------------------------------------]G---9--9------10--10-------12---12-----9-10-9-7-9-7--]D-10-10-10--10--10--10--10---10----10----------------]A----------------------------------------------------]D----------------------------------------------------] v v v tnxsend comments 2
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