Starfield – Reign In Us tab

Reign In Us 


[intro] G D C Em C2 D

    Em                               C2                  D                   
You thought of us before the world began to breathe, You knew our names 
                  G   D/F#
before we came to be
    Em                          C2                   D                 
You saw the very day we'd fall away from You and how desperately we need to
     G          D/F#
be redeemed

     C2         D              Am                 D
Lord Jesus come lead us, we're desperate for Your touch

G                       D                       C        Em            C2  
Oh Great and Mighty One with one desire we come that You would reign, that
You would reign in us
G                          D                 C         Em           C2
We're offering up our lives a living sacrifice that You would reign that You
      D                  G
would reign in us

Em                            C2                D
Spirit of the Living God fall fresh again, come search our hearts and purify
     G      D/F#
our lives
   Em                                   C2                D
We need Your perfect love, we need Your discipline, we're lost unless You
                   G      D/F#
guide us with Your light



       D             C        G           D
We cry out for Your love to refine us cry out
         C         G           D             C        G       Em     
For Your love to define us cry out, for Your mercy to keep us blameless
until You return

[chorus] x2

[bridge2] x3
   C2            G        D                  C2        G         D
So reign, please reign in us come purify our hearts we need Your touch
                       C2        G       D
Come cleanse us like a flood and send us out
                          C2         G        D
So the world may know You reign, You reign in us
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