Starfield - Great In All The Earth tab

Great In All The Earth
Starfield  I Will Go  2008

Then the whole band comes in with these chords under the riff:
D Ee|--------12--------9---------12----------9----------|B|-----10----10--12-------10-----10--12------12--10--|G|---------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---0------------------0----------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
Verse: A The world is Yours and everything in it F#m7 It's all at Your command D E There is no end to Your domain A The planets shake the galaxies tremble F#m7 They turn within Your hand D E There is no end to Your domain D E No height or depth You don't sustain Chorus: A Great in all the earth is Your glory oh God F#m7 The universe declares how amazing You are D E D E Over history and eternity You alone are Lord and King Verse Chorus x2 Bridge: Bm A E There is none like You Bm A E There is none like You Bm A E There is none like You Bm A E Jesus there is none like You Chorus x2 Outro: F#m7 E A D F#m7 E A
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