Starfield – From The Corners Of The Earth tab

Hi guys, just wanted to post some chords up for this awesome Starfield song...
I think these chords are right, but I haven't tabbed very many songs so I'm not too sure.  
Comments are always welcome!! Thanks.

[Bass Intro]

[Verse 1]
Cm         D#
From every nation
       G#              G-
God is calling out His own
Cm         D#
A saved generation
          A#          F-
that will not be overthrown

Cm            D#
And we're not backing down, no way
G#            G-
We're finally seeing it clearly
Cm            D#
One body, one church, one savior,
A#          F-
One call to praise

C             G              Am
Hey! From the corners of the earth
        G                  C
We will sing of your great worth
               G        Am
And around the world proclaim
D#   A#  Cm
Our God Reigns!

[Filler/Intro 2]
C- D# G# F

[Verse 2]
Cm          D#
We sing for freedom
        G#              G-
For the reign of God to come
Cm            D#
For His power through us
       A#               F-
As the wars we wage are won


[Chorus x2]

[Bridge x2]
Cm                                 D#                   G#        G-
From the north to the south to the east to the west, we sing
       Cm                      D#         A#  F-
To the one, to the one, to the one who is our King

[Chorus x2]

C- D# G# F
[repeat twice]  End on C-

Thanks for playing my tab!  
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