Starfield - Absolutely chords

Absolutely by Starfield
Album: The Saving One
CAPO 2 - KEY of E (this is how Tim Neufield plays it on the CD)

Intro: Bm  G  D  A (2xs)

Verse 1:
Em G D ALover of my soul, I want to tell You
Em G AOnly You have all of me
Em G D AI cannot contain my adoration
Em G AI'm in love so desperately
G ANo one is as lovely as You are
G AThere is no one else who has my heart
D AJesus, You have me completely
GEvery breath that I breathe
D AI am absolutely in love
D AJesus, I am Yours forever
GAll of me surrenders
D AI am absolutely in love with You
Instrumental: Bm G D A Verse 2:
Bm G D ADown upon my knees, I'm lost in worship
Bm G Ahumbled by Your Majesty
Bm G D AWhat is there to say, but how I love You
Bm G AThank You for forgiving me
Em AAll I am is Yours
Em A Only Yours
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