Starfield – All For You chords

All For You
Capo 2

Intro: Em C G D

Verse 1:
Em C GNothing compares to, this life I have in you
D EmNothing of this world satisfies
C GI want to let go, want to let you know
D CAll that I have to give is yours
Em DHere I am
G C EmAs gold to the fire, I will surrender to your hand
DTo this place
C EmI have come ready for your touch
GIt's all for you
CIt's all for you
EmI'm letting go
DI'm letting go
Verse 2:
Em C GWhat is it in me, that hangs on for so long
D EmWhy do I fight the tears that come?
C GI work so hard to, keep in control when
D CAll that I want is to let go
Chorus 2:
GI'll take this life
CAnd lay it down
EmI'm letting go
DI'm letting go
My hopes and dreams Here at Your feet I'm letting go I'm letting go
GAnd I am ready for Your life
CAnd I am ready for You now
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