Starfield – Revolution chords

Starfield - Revolution
Tabbed by: QuentinX5

Intro: F#m - D - A - E

Verse 1

F#m DIf I'm here all alone
A EIf I'm left behind
F#m DIf they spit in my face
A EIf they hate my kind
F#mI will rise above
DI will live for love
A EI will answer to the call
F#mFor the bond between
DFor the depth unseen
A EFor my God forsake it all
F#mCause I'm a fire
DI'm a flood
A EI'm a revolution
F#m I am a war
DAlready won
A EI'm a revolution
F#m D (x2) Verse 2
F#m DWhen the world is at war
A EWhen the grace is gone
F#m DWhen the hungry lay dead
A EWhile the rich live on
Pre-Chorus Chorus (x2) F#m D (x2) Bridge
F#m(Here I Stand)
DOpen hands
A EWaiting for you
F#mI won't back down
D A EI'll live to speak your truth
Chorus (x2)
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