Starfield – Unashamed chords

Verse 1
F G AmI have not much to offer you
F G AmNot near what you deserve
F G AmBut still I come because your cross
F G CHas placed in me my worth
Verse 2
F G AmOh Christ my king of sympathy
F G AmWho’s wounds secure at peace
F G AmYour grace extends to call me friend
F G CYour mercy sets me free
F GAnd I know I’m weak
Am AmI know I’m unworthy
F G AmTo call upon your name
F GBut because of grace
Am AmBecause of your mercy
F G CI stand here unashamed (second time 2x)
Verse 3
F G AmI can’t explain this kind of love
F G AmI’m humbled and amazed
F G AmThat you come down from heaven’s heights
F G CAnd greet me face to face
Chorus Bridge
CHere I am
FAt your feet
C FIn my brokenness complete (8x)
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