Starfield - Everything Is Beautiful tab

Everything is beautiful by Starfield 

Standard tuning 

Intro 1 

E|--------------------|B|----77------1010-77-|X2 but 2nd time instead of playing 10 and 7 at the G|-777--77-777--------| end play 6 and 7 on the G string
Intro and verse
D D/C# GE|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------|G|--77-xx-77-xx-77-xx-77-xx-444-6h7p6--4----444--6h7p6--4----|D|--77-xx-77-xx-77-xx-77-xx-555----------5--555------------5-|A|--55-xx-55-xx-44-xx-44-xx-555-------------555--------------|e|--------------------------333-------------333--------------|
Verse(electric gtr)E|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|--9--9-7--9--9-7---11--11-9---12--12-11----| (when going on chorus.stick D|-7--7----7--7----7---7------7----7---------| on 12)
D Worn out, Wasted D/C# G Like a bird with broken Wings D Sometimes, grace reminds me D/C# G I donít get to be the king Bm But love it washes over Bm/Bb Love it pulls me closer A E/G# Love it changes everything Chorus G D So everything is beautiful Bm A Even when the tears are falling G D A I donít need a miracle to believe G D Even in the crashing down Bm A i can hear redemption calling Bm A And everything is beautiful to me Verse 2:(same as verse 1) Sweetly you release me from the weight of what ive done The trigger trips the hammer but the bullets never come (same as pre-chorus)(Bm Bm/Bb...etc) An love like a landslide Like the wind spins around me pulls me in At itís unveiling I begin Chorus(play intro 1)
then for chorus again play :E|------------------------- B|---10-----10-----10------ play this constantly but listen for proper G|-7------7-------7--------- timing
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