Starlight Mints – Zillion Eyes chords

Capo on 2nd 

F Bb AmThere's a zillion eyes
E7 AmBut there's just one of you
F Bb AmCharming butterflies
E7 AmCatching clouds thats still mean
Dm C EAny word I can speak
Gm7 E7Just wind it up your doll
F 'cos you're the sum of invention
Bb Am Til the music stops..
(til the music stops)
F Bb Am I dont know why i try
E7 Am F Maybe to see how long i can stumble
Bb Am Through stairways down your spine, i
E7 Am I try to see through a zillion eyes
Dm C E7 Any words that feel cheap
Gm7 E7 Just wind them up you doll
F Dont be something that matters
E7 F Just wind it up and show you the pattern
E7 F You're the sum of invention
Bb Am Til the music stops..(til the music stops x2)
The chords arent 100% accurate, but like this its easy to play and should sound ok. Have fun!! jo
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