Stars Go Dim - Love Gone Mad chords

	"Love Gone Mad" - Stars go Dim
Tabbed by: Justin Riray

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Bm G (D)    Bm G D

Bm G D AI´m taking back from the words you said
Bm G D AThat you don´t know if you can love me anymore
Bm G D AI can´t believe that my worst fear has come true and
Bm A GmI don´t know what to do
G AAnd I don´t wanna live this life alone
DBut I don´t wanna lose you
GAnd I don´t wanna hurt you anymore
Bm A GCause every time I do I get a hole inside of me
DAnd how can I prove to
GYou now that I can´t change
Bm Cause after all I put you through I
A GKnow that I'm to blame
GmAnd how could I ever let this
Bm G DLove gone mad
VERSE repeat CHORUS repeat BRIDGE Yea yea yea
Ethe sun don´t shine
GTime goes by on cloudy days
DYellow rainbow fall down me on me like a fool of the day
E GAnd this is the start of life without you
DAgain I pray that the wave doesn't come in
A And tearin me away
GAnd how could I ever let this
EAnd how could I ever let this
G GmAnd how could I ever let this
Bm G D Bm G DLove gone mad hooooo hoooo oooo
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