Stars - Time Can Never Kill The True Heart tab

Alright. So this is my favorite song from the Canadian Indie Geniuses that are Stars, 
was highly disappointed
when I didn't see a tab or any chords for this song. So I spent a while trying to figure 
out. I don't know any
scales or anything so I just fiddled around. Sorry if it doesn't sound right to you. It 
for more a slowed
down or acoustic version. Works best (for me at least) with a Capo on 2.

VERSE: (Don't know the names of the chords, so I'll just go with numbers)e|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-----4------4------------|D|-----2------4------------|A|-----2-------------------|E|-------------------------| 1 2
Example: 1 2 One step closer to the sea wall 1 2 Looking down, you can see all 1 2 Hold my hand so you don't fall 1 2 Catch your breath as the gulls call
CHORUS: (Don't know the names of the chords, so I'll just go with numbers)e|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-----1------1------------|D|-----2------2------------|A|-----4-------------------|E|-------------------------| 3 4
Example: 3 4 One heart out of two 3 4 One life: me and you
And then there's this one part that's a little different.e|---------------|B|---------------|G|-----6---------|D|-----4---------|A|---------------|E|---------------| 5
Example: 1 5 2 One half filled with the dreams of a saint 1 2 The other filled with nothing but hate 1 5 2 I hope I die in the arms of a child 1 2 In a meadow where the thistles grow wild Again, sorry if this is crappy. Hopefully this will suffice for now and encourage to put up a better version.
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