Stars - Bitches In Tokyo tab

Stars - Bitches In Tokyo
Album : In Our Bedroom After The War

Hi everyone. I've been visiting tabs sites for years but never contributed anything, so 
thought that had to change.
Here's a great song by Canadian band Stars for which I didn't find tabs anywhere. Hope 
like it ! Clément

Chords are the same for chorus and verse except that obviously you play it much faster 
louder on the chorus.


F   133211
Bb  113331
Gm  355333
C   335553

F                     Bb
   You can write my place out

   Of the life you make

   And all then things that mattered

   When you knew my face

   Cross off all the ways I failed you, 'cause I failed you

Gm                       C
   But I'm still in your blood, I'm still in your blood

F                          Bb
   The time when all our mistakes made sense, You needed it

F                        Bb                          Gm
   The time when all the lying, You sympathized with sin

   All this sabotage and blame, Well I can take it

Gm                     C
   'cause I just want you back, I just want you back

Temporary battles
Can take up half your life
How you dig your bed
Will it help you sleep at night
Forgiveness like a blanket
That you want to forget
But you still crumble at my name
You still crumble at my name

The time when all our mistakes made sense
You needed it
The time when all the lying
You sympathized with sin
All this sabotage and blame
Well I can take it
Because I want you back
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