Starsailor – The Thames tab

Tabbed by Pliskin NH.


Underlying Riff (Played With Reverb and Dirty Dist, Very Sloppily)
(Barred E chord strummed in Background)

(Played when going back to verse)E|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|---2-------0------2----------|D|--2--2---2---2---2--2--------|A|0------0-------0------0------|D|-----------------------54202-|
(Played when transfering to chorus)E|-------------------------0---|B|------------------------0----|G|---2-------0------2----------|D|--2--2---2---2---2--2--------|A|0------0-------0------0------|D|-----------------------------|
1st >Is love, just a big mistake? 1st >Just a risk that we all take? 1st >Trying to keep all the blues away... 2nd >Is love, just a means to an end? 2nd >Back when you were my girlfriend, 2nd >Had someone I could defend... *************** CHORUS(Chords are strummed by one acoustic guitar, and picked by another) \ = Switch between C \ C/D G \ G7sus4 I'll sit by the riverside, counting all the ways to make you stay... C \ C/D D \ Gsus2 But when I think of you and I, I know I'll be back with you someday... *************** VERSE (Back to Underlying Riff) 3rd >Is love, just a big mistake? 3rd >Just a choice we have to make? 3rd >Trying to keep the blues away... *************** REPEAT CHORUS *************** VERSE (Picked quietly) Low D|--2----| 4th > All the birds and the bees, and the leaves on the trees A|--2----| 4th > Die all at once, now that you're gone D|--2----| 4th > I know that I will be back in your arms once again (Strummed) Em 5th > All the birds and the bees, and the leaves on the trees Asus2 5th > Die all at once, now that you're gone Em A Asus4 A 5th > I know that I will be back in your arms once again **************** REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT VERSE 1, End. ------------------------------------------------------- There, simple song, straightforward tablature. The picking of the chords during the is supersimple to listen and figure out. Note: The Chorus C chord is played with the low D string as 2, and The G chord should be barred.
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