Starting Line - Hurry chords version 1

The Starting Line - Hurry

Capo 1

C F CI wrote a note to my future ghost
F AmQuoting words I've spoke
Dm G/BAnd that I meant only half the time
C F CNow I only speak between grinding teeth
F AmAnd my constant sleep
Dm G/BCause that's the pace that I've got to go
F C/ESo run along cause you had
Am Gbest be on your way
C F Don't worry just hurry
G AmCause you have got a lot to lose here
C FBut I'm catching up on that lost sleep
G Am G/BDo I have a lot to lose
Verse 2:
C F CI am a man with my task at hand
F AmAnd my swollen glands
Dm DmAnd just a couple of days to go
C F CUntil I'm on a stage With my voice and bass
F AmAnd all my choices made
Dm G/BAnd all the places I've got to go
So run along cause you had best be on your way (Repeat Refrain and Chorus twice) Bridge:
A#(hold) So run along cause you had
Am A# F-Cbest be on your way
A#(hold)Well run along cause you had
Am A#best be on your way
F GWell hey hey hey
(Repeat Chorus twice)
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