Starting Line – The Night Life tab

Left handed
The Starting Line
The Night Life
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A    -  002220
F#/E -  004200
Bm -    x24430
C#m -   x46650
D9 -    x57700
E3 -    007990
E4 -    0-0-7-9-10-0
A/F# -  2x2200
Bm9 -   x242xx
A9 -    x02200

Intro: A--F#/E (x2)

Guitar 2e|---------0-----7------7------7---|B|-----5-----5-----5------5------5-|G|-6-6---6-----6-----6------6------|D|---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Verse 1: A F#/E Last call everybody step up for another A F#/E They’re ringing the bell as you yell to the crowd that’s behind you Bm Did she sweep you off your feet C#m D9 You decided not to leave without her A E/F#--A--F# Without her tonight A F#/E Break down all the chairs, all the tables and my minds on you A F#/E Give up and Get into the van and go away again Bm C#m D9 Because the things you leave for us now are getting out of hand A D--E3--E4--A5---E3--E4 Im sorry Im sorry about it Chorus: Not sure of the chords A/F# A9 Bm9 A9 A/F#-A9 At least you lived to talk about it Bm9 A9 At least you got your health A/F# A9 Bm9 A9 A/F# A9 At least it made you feel in love oh well D9(hold) I wish you were right now (Repeat Intro) Verse 2: Same Chords as Verse 1: Down now when I wake on your shoulders calm down on you You're just been forever this just nothing gets to be enough Did you say that I'm trying hard to forget somethingI think enough of A D--E3--E4 Im sorry about it A D--E3--E4 To the pieces that it hurts (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: D9 Now Your all caught up After sleeping for days A9 Makes up for nights you spent awake D9 It will take awhile to see that smile A9 That slates torment since she’s gone (Repeat) (Repeat Chorus)
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