Starting Line – Playing Favorites tab

The Starting Line
Playing Favorites

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: Drop D only
A9 -    777600
F#m7 -  444200
D9 -    000230
A/F# -  402220
A/E -   202220
A/D  -  002220
E/G# -  676x00
E -     222100

Guitar 1: A9--F#m7--D9----F#m9-E-D9 (x2)

Guitar 2:

Verse 1: A9 i guess the most that i can do F#m7 is make a call and tell you the truth D9 sing the words in melody F#m7 D9(hold) and hope that you'll believe me A9 here's another song for you F#m7 so this one this one makes two D9 still don't know where to begin F#m7 D9 i'll just leave it at this Interlude: A/F#-A/E-A/D (x2) Refrain: A/F# A/E A/D i'm sure you always feel my eyes on you A/F# A/E A/D but i hope that you will never feel unwanted Chorus: A9 E/G# wait for me to move out west F#m7 it's ok if you don't i hope you know E/G# E you're my favorite thing D9 about the west coast A9 E/G# i wish i stayed F#m7 i hope you wait so here i am E/G# E counting down the days D9 till california comes (Repeat Intro) Verse 2: A9 this is the least that i can do F#m7 you know i'm bad at calling you D9 the best way i can accept F#m7 D9 the lonely words i miss you A9 i'll say it but i'm sure you knew F#m7 you're what i look most forward to D9 coming back to where i've been F#m7 D i'll just leave it at this (Repeat Refrain) D if you feel unwanted (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: F#m7-E-A9-D9 (x4) (repeat Chorus) F#m7-E-D9 F#m7-E-D9 A(let ring) Till california comes
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