Starting Line - Inspired By The tab

Starting Line
Inspired by the $
Based on a true story
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe both guitars

Chords used:
C#m -      x46654
F#m -      244222
A -        x02220
B -        x24442
C -        x35533 or x32010
G#m -      466444


Guitar 1: This is the cool parte|---------------------|---------------------|B|---------------------|---------------------|G|---------------------|---------------------|D|-----2-----------4-4-|-----2-----------4-4-|A|-4-4---4-4-0h2p0-4-4-|-4-4---4-4-0h2p0-4-4-|E|-----------------2-2-|-----------------2-2-|
Guitar 1: C#m--C#m--A--A--B-C (x2)
Guitar 2: Enter at time 0:10 (x2)e|-------------------------14p12-|-------------------------14p12-|B|-------12-------12-------------|-------12-------12-------------|G|-13h14----13h14----13h14-------|-13h14----13h14----13h14-------|D|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
Verse 1: C#m(hold) C#m A B C Closed window pane I stare out all day C#m A B C This room and the walls We wait for the call C#m A B And slow like decay This progress we've made C Could you... Chorus 1: C#m Get to the point, get it across A B C To the boys at the top of the ladder I'm climbing up C#m A B-C I,I have my doubts Verse 2: C#m A This is a call from my cage B C through the bars C#m A B Inspired by the dollar sign that's dangling outside C Someone... Chorus 2: C#m Get to the point, get it across A B C To the boys at the top of the ladder I'm climbing up C#m A B C I,I have my doubts my doubts my doubts my doubts!
Guitar 2: (x16) means strum the strings 16 times instead of writing them redundantlye|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------|D|---2--------2--------2-----------------------4(x16)-| (x3)A|-4----4p0h4----4p0h4----4p0h4--4-4-4-4-4-2-0-4(x16)-|E|---------------------------------------------2(x16)-|
Bridge: F#m Go on and get it right C#m Get it right okay F#m Just stay, just stay the same way C#m Do it like you did it before okay F#m remain, remain the same shape G#m A If I did it again you're stabbing it now C(Hold) Lord help me now, Lord help me now (Repeat Chorus 1 then Chorus 2)
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