Starting Line – Birch Hill tab

The Starting Line
Birch Hill
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Chords used:
D -  xx0232
Em - 022000
G -  320033
Bm - x24432
A -  x02220

Intro: Bm-A-G (x2) G

Guitar 2:e|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|-11-11-11\7---9-9-9\7\6---14-14-14\7---14-14-14\7-|D|--x--x--x\x---x-x-x\x\x----x--x--x\x----x--x--x\x-|A|--9--9--9\5---7-7-7\5\4---12-12-12\5---12-12-12\5-|E|--------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: D Em G I spent two weeks collecting memories Just cant believe that D Em G I might never see you again I'll never have friends like these D G Tonight I will cry a single tear for Everyday that I stand here D Em G Its all the people I call my friends Now its the end Chorus: G A Bm G A Bm Time went winding by Its time to say goodbye C A G Ill sing her in a song before I leave Remind me please Ill send you my cd's Bm A G Tell me Emily how your life is treating you I miss you too (Repeat Intro) Verse 2: D A G So you say goodbye to Amy Give a hug to Ashley See how things end up When our schedules are free D A I wish you never happened When we look up all the way Bm A I miss you Matt and Evan I've We live so far away G D G D G D But ive been too afraid to say Until today Ya ya ya ya Bm A G D G D G Bm G Whoa Oh Bm This time now you wont let me fall A G You wont let me fall You wont let me fall D(hold) But You wont let me fall too far
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