Starting Line - Are You Alone tab

The Starting Line
Are You Alone?
2007 Virgin Records
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Key: Eb

Chords used:
Cm - x35543
Gm - 355333
G# - 466544
Eb - x68886
Bb - x13331
Fm - 133111

Intro: Eb

Verse 1:
Gm                        Fm
  We're all just everyday people
Gm                         G#
  And there's a part of you 
Cm                    G#               
  connected with everyone else
And there's me and there's you Oh no
Gm                        Fm
  This plot can get so confusing
Gm                    G#
  Oh, if you only knew
Gm                         Fm
  If I could I'll take you with me 
but I'm here and you're there Oh no

G#              Eb
  Are you alone? Oh no
Fm              Eb
  Are you alone?

Verse 2:
Gm                       Fm
  I'll say it so you can hear me
Gm                   G#
  It's a lonely truth
Cm                       Fm
  I've been spending all my 
time by myself without you Oh no

(Repeat Chorus)

  And if you are let me hear it
  And if you're not make you say to yourself
  You're so lucky as hell
  Have you ever needed help 
Gm                            Cm
  when you've been all by yourself? (Yeah)
Have you ever been home when everyones gone?
Are you alone? Oh no

G#              Eb
  Are you alone? Oh no
G#              Eb
  Are you alone? Are you alone?
G#              Eb
  Are you alone? 
  Are you alone? Oh no
G#              Eb
  Are you alone?

Guitar 2: while doing the outro:e|--------10-11-10-11-----------10-11-10-11----------B|-8-9-11-------------8----8---------------------8-9-G|----------------------10---10-------------8-10-----D|--------------------------------------------------- (x8)A|---------------------------------------------------E|---------------------------------------------------
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