Starting Line - Drawbacks tab

The Starting Line
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Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb - x68886
Fm - 133111
G# - 466544
Bb - x13331
Cm - x35543
Gm - 355333

Intro: Eb-Bb-G#(x4)
Eb-Fm-G#--Eb-Bb-G# (x2)

Verse 1:
    Eb            Bb    
I'm always seeing something new
every time I look at you 
Eb            Bb      G#
everything is gone, I say 
Eb            Bb
  I'm falling to the floor 
my dignity's dumped overboard 
Eb         Bb             G#
  and everything's gone astray

Fm           G#               Bb
  they maybe think that I'm a fool 
Fm           G#                 Bb
  they maybe think that I don't care about it all 
G#  Cm      Bb  G#   Cm        Bb    
  I can't belong I'm not that strong 
they can't remember me 

Eb Bb    Fm  G#
I  don't know 
Eb Bb      Fm     G#
I  can't remember you 
Eb   Bb   Fm                 G#
I've been thinking about the times 
    Eb Bb    G#
and I  don't care 

Verse 2:
Eb     Bb     G#
  I've almost figured out 
Just what I should say
Eb            Bb              G#
Everything is playing with my head 
Eb       Bb
  All my friend's have told me 
It's playing with my heart 
    Eb          Fm               G#
And every given second is a new start

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

Outro: Eb-Fm-Gm-G# (x2) Eb(hold)
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