Static X – Trance Is The Motion tab

Artist: Static-X
Album: Wisconsin Death Trip
Song: The Trance is the Motion
Tabbed: Camren Braley


Song starts with a bass intro

Guitar Intro (Harmonic is complicated to do, but its correct)|--------------------------|--------------------------||---7*------7*-------------|---7*------7*-------------||---5*------5*-------------|---5*------5*-------------||--------------------------|--------------------------||--------------------------|--------------------------||-0----0-0-----0-00-00-0-0-|-0----0-0------0-00-0-0-0-|pm. . . . .. .. . . . . . . .. . . .
Verse (the 3rd fret harm is a little past into the 4thfret and the 4th fret harm is right before the 5th fret)|--------------||----7*--------||-5*-----------||--------------||---------4*---||-------3*-----|
Thats all of the parts.
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