Status Quo – Runaround Sue tab

Runaround Sue
Status Quo
FITLC 2000
Greg Harper

I'm quite sure I can hear some 
overdubs so I'll put them on anyway.

Rick:   EADGBE       EADGBE    -------------------------------------
      B 799677   G#m 466444

        EADGBE      EAD G BE
      E x799xx   F# x91111xx

Francis:   EADGBE       EADGBE        These Chords are only 
         B 799677   G#m 466444     used if you are not shuffling
                                   but you get an idea of position

           EADGBE        EADGBE
         E 0221xx     F# x44322 ------------------------------------

Acoustic Overdub (Capo 4th Fret):   EADGBE              EADGBE
                                  B 320033          G#m 022000

                                    EADGBE              EADGBE
                                  E x32010           F# xx0232              

The bass riff that links parts throughout the song goes like this: F#G|---------------|D|---------------|A|---------1-1-2-|E|-2-2-4-4-------|
INTRO: |B| |B| |G#m| |G#m| |E| |E| |F#| |F#| B G#m I'm gonna tell a story and it's sad but true E About a girl that I once knew F# She took my love then ran around With any other single guy in town B G#m I should have known it from the very start E This girl will leave me with a broken heart F# Now listen people what I'm telling you A-keep away from-a runaround Sue WOAH WOAH WOAH: |B| |B| |G#m| |G#m| |E| |E| |F#| |F#| B I miss her lips and the smile on her face G#m E The touch of her hair and this girl's warm embrace F# So if you don't wanna cry like I do A-keep away from-a runaround Sue E She likes to travel around B She'll love you then she'll put you down E Now people let me put you wise F# She goes out with other guys
B G#mE|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------|D|----------------------1------------------------|A|-2----2-----2----4----------4-----2------------|E|----------------------------------------4----4-|
Thats the woah woah woah melody you can play with to write a solo if you wish. It's all pretty much the same so enjoy!!!
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