Status Quo – Lonely tab

Status Quo
B Side to Rolling Home-1986
Greg Harper

A very rare one to find now but is
a nice bluesy Rossi/Parfitt one.
I think they both make a good 
writing team don't you?
You've gotta be a spoon if you cant play this.

Intro/Main Riff

The song opens with a shuffle in E

E5E|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------|D|-----2-----2------5-4-2-----|A|-2h4---4-2---4-2--------4-2-|E|----------------------------|and so on...
E5 I don't need you by my side I don't need you baby I lied A5 Cos' I'm lonely E5 Lonely as I can be B5 My one and only A5 E5 Changing the mood in me E5 I can't see you anymore I don't feel you as before A5 And I'm lonely E5 Lonely as I can be B5 A5 E5 And it's only because you're never here with me C#m E5 Trying oh A5 I'm trying C#m E5 Sighing oh A5 B5 You've gotta believe me__ E5 Because I'm lonely tonight Somethin' 'aint right A5 I'm saving a place F#5 for you by my side E5 But you're still away A5 C#5 E I don't know what to do No Chord Because I'm lonely tonight E and all that I need is you___ Corrections to the above address please.
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