Status Quo – Not At All tab

Not At All
Status Quo
Perfect Remedy 1989

A great heavy blues track.
The video is a must see.

E B I say yes I say no E Its like watching a river flow B Maybe shallow Maybe deep D I won't lose any sleep E Oh Nooo E B Not at all would I Take a fall for ya E Not at all 'cos you want it all E B and ya try it on like a sad old song don't ya D C#m D D#5 E5 think its wrong how you carry on and on
Modulate semitone F C Not at all will I Take a fall for ya F Not at all 'cos you want it all F C and ya try it on like a sad old song don't ya Eb D5 Eb think its wrong how you carry on Keys solo to fade |F| |C| |C| |F| |F| |F| |C| |C| |Eb5 D5 Eb5|
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