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Status Quo – Bad News tab

Bad News
Status Quo
In Search Of The Fourth Chord 2007

Crotchet=135 (approx.)

Capo on 2nd fret (chords relative to capo).

E|-----------------------------------|B|---2---2---3---3---5---5---3-5-3---|G|---2---2---2---2---0---0---2-2-2---|D|---2---2---4---4---5---5---4-5-4---|A|-0---0---0---0---0---0---0-------0-|E|-----------------------------------|and so on
A I was born in the middle of nowhere Found me in a sack I never knew no love or affection D So I never let it held me back A Now the time has moved along And I'm wiser as I'm older Well balanced? That I am C I've got a chip on each of my shoulders C#5 D I'm on a mission to spread the word E5 F#5 G5 G#5 A Of the meaning of the blues E So watch out now, here's Johnny! G A Believe I'm bad news E F F# G Oh yes I am A Oh yes I am
Solo 1 (No Capo)E|---------------------------------------|B|-----------10b-10b~~-10-8-10p8---8-----|G|-(9b)-rb-7---------------------9---9p7-|D|---------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
Slow Movement (With Capo): A7 E|---------------------------------------|B|----2----------3----------3--5-3-------|G|---0----------0----------2-------5p4-2-|D|--2----------4----------4--------------|A|-0----------0----------0---------------|E|---------------------------------------|
Thanks to Freddie Edwards for the slow movement progression. Forgive the last bit of the tab. I did it early this morning.
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