Status Quo - Blue For You tab

 Status Quo - Blue for you (Alan Lancaster)

 Transcription : Philippe Renouf (France)


G E7 A7 D7 G D7E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------15-----15b-12-------------------------8-5---------------|G|--------14b-----------------14b-14--14b-14-12-12------7-5-6h7-------|D|-15-14-12-----------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| b:1T b:1T b1/2T b1/2T
G7 When I get old and find the time C7 I'll paint a picture about my life G7 Em Am D7 D13 I'll paint it blue for you, I'll paint it blue for you. G7 You gave me love, a love so strong C7 C#7dim (E7dim) I treated you so bad, I treated you wrong G E7 A7 D#7 D7 G D#9 D9 Now I want to show, I feel so low, I'm blue for you. G7 When I was younger I tried so hard C7 To find a good woman and give her my love G7 Em Am D7 D13 I found a woman sweet as can be, I found a woman for me G7 I didn't know I had the world C7 C#7dim (E7dim) I was still looking for ways to your love G E7 A7 D#7 D7 G G G7 Now that I know, I feel so low, I'm blue for you C7 (Quo riffs....) Cheatin' and lyin', I played around G7 Livin' and dyin', you stood your ground. C7 Cheatin' and lyin', you knew so well A7 D7 There's no good denying, you know me too well Solo G7 C7 G7 A7 D7 G7 C7 C#7dim G E7 A7 D7 G D#9 D9 G7 When I'm alone I realise C7 Your eyes were smilin' but deep inside G7 Em Am D7 D13 I saw the blue in you, everything blue for you. G7 You gave me love, a love so strong C7 C#7dim (E7dim) I treated you so bad, I treated you wrong G E7 A7 D#7 D7 G E7 Now I want to show, I feel so low, I'm blue for you. A7 D#7 D7 G E7 I Feel so low, I'm blue for you. A7 D#7 D7 -- I feel so low I'm blue for you.
--Fin G E7 A7 D7E|----------------------------------------------|B|------------15-----15b-12---------------------|G|--------14b-----------------14b-14--15-14-12--| X 3D|----------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------| b:1T b:1T b1/2T b1/2T
G D#9 D9 GMaj7E|-----15-13-12----12-----------------6-5----2-2--|B|--------------15----15-13-15-13-12--6-5----3-3--|G|-12---------------------------------6-5----4-4--|D|------------------------------------5-4----5-5--|A|------------------------------------6-5---------|E|------------------------------------------------|
Accords - chords:
Intro G E7 A7 D7|-----|-----|-----|-----||--3--|--0--|--5--|--7--||--4--|--1--|--6--|--5--||--5--|--0--|--5--|--7--||--5--|--2--|--7--|--5--||--3--|--0--|--5--|-----|
G7 C7 Em Am D7 D13|-----|-----|--7--|--5--|--8--|--7--||--3--|--5--|--8--|--5--|--7--|--7--||--4--|--3--|--9--|--5--|--5--|--5--||--3--|--5--|--9--|--7--|--7--|--7--||--5--|--3--|--7--|--7--|--5--|--5--||--3--|-----|-----|--5--|-----|-----|
C#7dim E7dim D#7 D7 G D#9 D9 GMaj7|-----|-----|--6--|--5--|--3--|--6--|--5--|--2--||--5--|--8--|--8--|--7--|--3--|--6--|--5--|--3--||--3--|--6--|--6--|--5--|--4--|--6--|--5--|--4--||--5--|--8--|--8--|--7--|--5--|--5--|--4--|-----||--4--|--7--|--6--|--5--|--5--|--6--|--5--|-----||-----|-----|-----|-----|--3--|-----|-----|--3--|
Bridge G G7 C7 Quo riff....|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----||--3--|--6--|-----|-----|-----||--4--|--4--|-----|-----|-----||--5--|--3--|--5--|--7--|--5--||--5--|--5--|--3--|--3--|--3--||--3--|--3--|-----|-----|-----|
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