Status Quo – Solid Gold tab

Solid Gold - Status Quo
Tabbed by: Curtis
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Intro -

 A>B D E D B 

Verse (V1 used as an example, but all verses chords are the same) - 

E              B
 Take a ride to somewhere with me
F#                 B
 Anywhere that you want it could be
E                B
 Sit on back and take it all in
I know where your going, I know where you've been

A little smile, a secretive grin

Chorus  -

I'm not worryin', I'm not lookin' back again

I aint thinkin it that way

No ones tellin you now what your gonna do

We're not listenin that way
          A>B     D E B A
Coz' it's gold
      A>B         D E B A
Solid gold
       A>B        D E B A
We are gold
      A>B         D E B A
Solid Gold
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