Status Quo - Ice In The Sun tab

Song:Ice In The Sun
By:Status Quo
Album:On Loads But I Herard It On The XS All Areas 2004
Tabbed By:

Did You Know That Marty Wilde Climbed Inside A Grand Piano For This Song With A Plectrum 
Went Across The Strings With It?

Another Intro I'm Afraid-I Will Post A Full Song If This Does Well...

Guitar 1 (Rick) Alan Plays A Single Bb Notee|-6--------------------------------------6------------------|b|-6--------------------------------------6------------------|g|-7--------------------------------------7------------------|d|-8--------------------------------------8------------------|a|-8--------------------------------------8------------------|e|-6--------------------------------------6------------------|
Play This Twice Then,Guitar 2 (Francis)e|-----------------------------------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------------------------------|g|---10-8-7-8-10-----------------------------10-8-7-8-10-----|d|-----------------------------------------------------------|a|-----------------------------------------------------------|e|-------------------------------------------------------6b7-|
That Last Note Should Sound Weird I Think Its Done With A Phaser.
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