Status Quo - Party Aint Over Yet tab

                              Status Quo
                        The Party Aint Over Yet

Submitted By: Matthew Ellis (
Date: 30/09/2006
I'm not really sure if these chords are right but it's an easier version to play than 
normal one!! Let me know if you like these chords.
Thanks and Enjoy!!

Intro: C G D three times

          C        G    D        C          
    D                C

There's a trouble wind,  blowin' through my crazy life, i feel the chill

G     D               C    G    D           
     C       G    D

Begin, It's guna be a long long night, I hear the thunder roar, but i don't

C        G         D                C        G   D         C       G

Fear the lightning strike, cos deep inside i know, i'm guna make it through




G          D          A       D           G 
    D    A       G      D

So let the walls come tumblin down, bring on the last sunset, I aint movin'

A              D     G               A    D 
       G       D

to heart break town, the party aint' over yet, Yeah let the devil

A      D      G              D   A     
          D       A

do his worst, but don't take any bets, my life has finally quenched my

D           G          A    D

thirst, the party aint over yet.

Solo + Chords C G D three times as intro

         C       G    D          C    G     
 D              C

Oh every drop of rain, that ever fell into my eyes, helps me ride this

G    D            C       G         D       
C       G    D        C

pain, they were a blessin in disguise, and i know in time, this'll soon

   G        D                 C       G     
            C       G

be yesterday, there's nothin' i can't climb, i've got the will to find


the way.


            C       G     D           C         

So when the morning comes, oh i'll do more than just survive,

           C       G   D   C     G        D

I'll walk into the sun, and viva til' i die


On the last time of playing the chorus, finish with this:

G         A           D(strum 3 times quickly)

The party aint over yet.

A top class quo song, it's a lot of fun to play - hope you enjoyed it!!!

Matthew Ellis
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