Status Quo - I Aint Ready tab

I Ain't Ready
Status Quo
All That Counts B-Side 2005
Greg Harper

|B| |B| |B| |B F# A|

B5     Bsus4  B5 
Early, monday morning
Bsus4    B5    Bsus4   B5    F# A  B
Without warning I    recall
B5       Bsus4    B5
you said you were leaving
Bsus4   B5      Bsus4   B5    D5
left me feeling kind of small
E5      D5    E5
Nothing I was saying
A5       B5
you were saying
Bsus4     B5
you won't break me
Bsus4     B5      Bsus4     B5    F# A
you won't make me change my mind

I aint' ready and I'm not sure

the way you're thinking

you thought before
So I aint' ready 

I won't be ready
until I'm happy
                F# A B
We're both sure

It's all based on that so good luck!!!
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