Stef Bos – Zij Weet tab


I'm an American who lived in Belgium for about 10 years.  At the end of that 10 years,
my Belgian friend, Tom, decides to have me listen to some Stef Bos.  I had heard of
him before, but never really listened to any of his songs.  I believe the first song
he showed me was "De Hemel", and from that song, I was hooked.  So now I'm tabbing
some of my favorites of his.  So I hope all of you Belgians and Dutch enjoy my
hopefully accurate tabs, from the only American who listens to Stef Bos!

This song is in standard tuning...EADGBE

The chords that are played throughout the whole song are G for four beats, then D
for four beats, then G again for 8 beats.  That just repeats over and over again...

G :320033
D :XX0

And then that funky African lick that is played at the beginning and then once in a
while later in the song goes like this...

H :Hammer-on
P :Pull-off

|---------7--------5---------------------------------------------||------------8--------7-------------8--7--5----------------------||---5SL7------- 7--------5-------------------7H8P7--5--7--5SL7---||----------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------|
I hope this tab is fairly accurate. I'm not that good at tabbing songs, but Stef Bos really needs some guitarists out there to post some tabs. Enjoy! If anyone has any comments or corrections, please email them to I'd appreciate it.
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