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Stellar Kart – Life Is Good tab

Life Is Good- Stellar Kart
Please note that the notes are not necessarily the correct number of times. You will
to listen to the recording to get it precisely correct. Oh yeah, and I did omit a few
chords if they were bother-somely in the middle of a section. They're all in the same 
as the rest though, so if you HAVE to put them in there you can.

Intro, (guitar 1):e|----------|b|----------|g|-66666666-| (x4)d|-66666666-|a|-44444444-|e|----------| *******
Riff A (guitar 1):e|--------------------------------|b|--------------------------------|g|-13-13--13-13--13-13--13/15\13--| (x2)d|-11-11--11-11--11-11--11/13\11--|a|--------------------------------|e|--------------------------------|
Riff A (guitar 2):e|--------------|b|--------------|g|66------------| (x2)d|66-66-33-44---|a|44-66-33-44---|e|---44-11-22---|
(Riff A is generally the wooah(etc) part. Except for at the beginning. And maybe another section.)
Riff B (guitar 2)e|---------------|b|-------4~---6~-|g|--6~-----------| (x2)d|-6~---6~---6~--|a|4~---4~---4~---|e|---------------|
(Riff B is the guitar part for the verses. Here is where I mostly omitted the random Sorry peeps!) Then the chorus: (Where I am not sure about the count...)
e|--------------------|b|--------------------|g|6666----------------| (x4)d|6666-6666-3333-4444-|a|4444-6666-3333-4444-|e|-----4444-1111-2222-|
After the chorus is a verse:e|---------------------------------------|b|---------------------------------------|g|6666------8888------6666------8888-----|d|6666-6666-8888-4444-6666-6666-8888-4~--|a|4444-6666-6666-4444-4444-6666-6666-4~--|e|-----4444------2222------4444------2~--| **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
Play the intro. At the end you should go from palm-mute to hard playing though. Listen the cd and you'll know what I mean. Then play the chorus. Then play riff b twice. then end on C#M. So the song looks like this: Intro Riff A Riff B Riff A Riff B Chorus Verse After chorus Intro Chorus Riff B End on C#M There you go!
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