Stellar Kart - Wishes And Dreams chords version 1

Wishes and Dreams - Stellar Kart

//original is played in C#
//I tuned to D cause my guitar is dropped half a step
//by grenKinne

Intro: D  D/C#

D I'm watching you from a scenic view
A taking in your every move
G Who you tried so hard to be
A full of wishes and dreams
D D/C# That did not come true for you
D I can read you like a book
A Sad stories everywhere I look
G Faded pictures remind you when
A What could have been
Bm Did not come true for you
C#m Did not come true for you
D D/C# I'll be the one who makes you laugh
Bm A Make up for the memories that made you sad
D D/C# Me and you together forever we could be
Bm A D D/C# Someday you will find me in all your wishes and dreams
D Is it so hard to believe
A what your eyes cannot see
G Your dream come true
A A love to fall into
Bm I'm waiting to show you
C#m I'm waiting to show you
(Solo) G Bm D Em G - D Em G
G Bm D Eme--------5----------------------5----------12---|b--7-----------7-----5----7----------7----------|g-----7-----------7----------7----------7-------|d-----------------------------------------------|a-----------------------------------------------|e-----------------------------------------------|
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