Stellar Kart - Me And Jesus tab version 1

All right so it's Mr. X again (the guy who wrote version 2) with a somewhat improved 
of guitar tablature.

Btw, if this tab is stupid, then I'm sorry. It may well be, but I don't play guitar, so 
trying to come up with this as best I can.

Intro (acoustic):

Intro is played thoughout the verses. The choruses, however, have chords. -- Verse 1 When there's nowhere else to turn All your bridges have been burned Feels like you've hit rock bottom (At this point, you've finished playing the intro tab, and get ready to play it again.) Don't give up it's not the end Open up your heart again When you feel like no one understands where you are Chorus: Gb Db Ab Someone loves you even when you don't think so B Bb don't you know you got Me and Jesus Gb Db by your side through the fight Ab you will never be alone on your own B Bb Db Gb you got me and Jesus Verse 2 After all that we've been through By now, you know I've doubted you But every time my head was in my hands You said to me (At this point, the intro tab is done, and you prepare for the chorus chords.) Chorus Bridge: Ebm Hold on to what we got Gb This is worth any cost so Ebm Make the most of life that's borrowed B Love like there's no tomorrow
Electric guitar solo:e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|--------------------6-----------------------|A|8-9-8-6-8-9-8-9-8-6-6-------------9-9-9-9---|E|--------------------4-4-6-7-7-7-7-----------|
Chorus (Fyi, the final chorus is done 3x, and the first part of the chorus is done without electric guitar, only with an acoustic and a piano background.) -- This should be pretty good. If you find something wrong with it, just submit another tab with the error corrected. Also, it seems like this song would be easier to play with an alternative tuning. Not about that though. Thanks Mr. X
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