Stephen Fretwell – The Ground Beneath Your Feet chords

The Ground Beneath Your Feet Lyrics
Stephen Fretwell

*No Capo

Em G C GNow that since I've found your face
C G Am G Emin the most peculiar place
Em G C G C I don't feel I've anything to prove
G Am G Em Emto anyone else but you
Em GAnd I think of her
Cand she thinks of him
Amand there's no escaping
Cthis mess that we're in
Ambut its like she's holding court
Cdown each street that we walk
Gand as she's drawing all that heat
Em C Am EmI feel like the ground beneath her feet
Glance past a skyline of factories think of that life that was over to you Time, time well there's a funny thing written in black on the back of your hand I still think of her do you think of him and those pills and potions work the same time again and you're counting all the numbers in your waterproof purse and it's not just a chance I have to stay and crawl along and past the ground beneath your feet Do you think of her cos I think of him and there's no escaping this mess that we're in and its like you're holding court down each street that we walk and as you're drawing all that heat I can't surmise or say I wonder what price it is I'll pay to sweep and move the sand from the ground beneath your feet Now that I've found your face in the most peculiar place *This is my first uploding. It works for me fine. I hope that it will work for you too. Thanks ;)
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