Stephen Jerzak - An Extra Song For You chords

Tabbed By Middaysilence
Stephen Jerzak
"An Extra Song For You"
Standard Tuning

this song might be in a capo,
but the way i play it, you
dont need it.
i learned the open chords first
before the higher octaves, like
in the song.
you can play either, they both sound good.
im not 100% of this tab,
but it sounds pretty close
maybe 95%.

anyways, here it is.

Chords used in song. A |--9-| |-10-||--9-||-11-||----||----|
A/C# (i think)|--9-| |-10-||--9-||-11-||----||--9-|
Bm|-10-| |-12-||-11-||-12-||----||----|
D|-10-| |-10-||-11-||-12-||----||----|
Dm7|-12-| |-10-||-10-||-12-||----||----|
Verse - the chords arent exactly over the lyrics, but close enough
A I thought you said you'd call by noon,
A/C# i've been waiting on you, and it's all i can do
Bm cause you're always doing something with somebody else,
Di think the last time that you penciled me in,
A was the night before i saw you dance
A/C#you're like a flower in the wind about as graceful as my friends,
her hair is
Bmalmost like the morning breeze on a sun shiny day, talks with the way, without
D Dm7 the words that i normally say when i'm stumblin
oohh ohh oh instrumental A A/C# Bm D Verse
A last night i tried to picture your beautiful face,
A/C# but i only saw you frowning, darling
Bm D and i'll find a way to put a smile on you, yes i will.
A and i'll wrap myself around your tree,
A/C# Bm and i'll climb and i'll climb it, til i can reach your balcony
D and i'll jump across the sky cause i think i can fly, and
Dm7i'm flying, i'm flying away
Bm D so tell me, what you've been hiding.
A cause all i wanna know is how i can sleep without me
hearin you sing in the shower at night,
Bm that's probably one of the things that you do that
D Dm7keeps my mind off the pictures of you.
A D when you laugh, and your cheeks turn rosy,
Dm7 when you smile, and you scrunch your nose.
A D Dm7when you breathe, and the sunshine is shining on you.
Dm7 Aand i never knew a thing about you, but i gave it a shot
A/C# Bmand i never knew not to say that it's a beautiful day
when you're around and now i think that
Di have found the one, and it's you.
Aand the last thing on my mind,
A/C# is you deciding that you're going a different direction.
Bm the connection that we had was to heaven and back,
Dlike the things that i lack, like personality,
Dm7when your sitting next to me
**Chorus** then you play this after
A D Dm7 when your hair's blowing in the wind, when your eyes, start glistening.
A D Dm7 when you talk, i start listening to you, To you
ATo You
any questions or comments, feel free to ask. have fun :D
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