Stephen Jerzak – King chords ver. 2

hi everyone! i don't know if he plays it like this but it works :P
Capo on 4th!!!
G Emmet her at a school dance
C Dher brown hair oh, it caught my eye
G Emby spring we where dating
C D after awile was a wast of time
G she's just another girl
Emlike all the others
C Di'm not changing for a thing
Gi'm king of the world
Emand your queen of the brainless
Cplease hang-up the phone
Dand we can end it rather painless
Gyes, i can be crule but i know
Emthis much is ture
Cyou can find another me
D G but i can find a million yous
okay, that pattern keeps up the whole song, hope you enjoy :D
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