Stephen Jerzak - She Said tab version 2

This is what I gathered from his acoustic video of the song, fairly simple and is 
based entirely around barred chords.

Riff 1 (Verse)

Riff 1

C#m A C#m A B C#m E|---------4-----------------------4---------------------------4------|B|-------5---5-----5-------------5---5-----5---------7-------5---5----|G|-(66)6---------6-------------6---------6---------8---8---6----------|D|-------------7-----------------------7---------9--------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
G#m A B F#mE|-----------------------(7)------------------------------------------|B|------4--------5--------7--------2----------------------------------|G|----4---4----6---6----8---8----2------------------------------------|D|--6--------7--------9--------4--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse C#m A Grab ah drink dancin' under flashing lights C#m A B She's ah queen but she wont put up a fight C#m G#m A B Everybody knows that shes a looker but she ain't quite right F#m So I lie through my teeth again C#m A Been around see I think I know the type C#m A B Honesty is not the policy she likes C#m G#m A B Choice words spoken to her in the heat of night F#m So I lie through my teeth again Pre Chorus C#m A Oh boy would you mind if I got closer C#m A B Oh boy I can tell you want me dontcha C#m G#m And I say what do you think that ah we cant get you A B F#m Anything you ask for, out on the dance floor... She said Chorus A (Ohh do you love me) B C#m I wonder why she talks like that (Oh tell me something) B A Tell me how'd you get to be so bad (Hey I know something you don't) B Lets go C#m B We can go wherever you want to go A How would you feel if I told ya (You ain't worth the trouble) Riff 1 comes back in after this and you run through the verse and chorus again. Bridge
The muting on the bridge varies depending on how you feel like playing it.
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