Stephen Kellogg And The Sixers – In Front Of The World chords

It isn't perfect, but I think it's close for the most part.

A D A DWell it's hard to live in front of the world
A D EThere's only so much that you can pretend
A DWrite down what it is you're thinking
A DTake each day as it comes
A D EYou never know what's hangin 'round the bend
A D AAnd as far from the world as we get
D A D EI can swear that the two of us will always be the same
A D A Figure out what it is you believe in
DAnd if you must choose
A D ETry not to trade your fortune in for fame
D A A/Db EAnd you'll learn, learn, learn
D A A/Db EYou'll wait your turn, turn, turn
F#m BmAnd you'll get sick on the way
F#m BmBy the things that people say
F#m Bm DIt'll break your heart against the wind
But you will just keep breathing in
A D A DWell if you're scared to live in front of the world
A D EI got news for you, you should be then
A D A D'Cause when your confidence gets low, and you got nowhere to go
A D EJust remember how you felt about me and our friends
D F#mWatch the way you fall in love
D F#mCause if you're smart, you'll take it slow
D F#mBut don't ask me about it
DCause I don't know
F#m Bm DI don't know, no, no
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