Stephen Lynch – Dear Diary tab

Dear Diary
by Stephen Lynch

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Tabbed by Jordan Lapping

Standard E Tuning

Chords used: Am C Cmaj9 Em F Ge]---0----0----0----0----1----3---|B]---1----1----1----0----1----0---|G]---2----0----0----0----2----0---|D]---2----2----0----2----3----0---|A]---0----3----2----2----3----2---|E]------------------0----1----3---|
TABLATURE LEGEND: (h) = hammer-on (p) = pull-off (~) = let it ring N/C = No Chord
INTRO: C Em C Eme]---------------------000-000----0----------------000-000--|B]---------------------000-000----1----------------000-000--|G]-----0-----0-----0---000-000----0------0-----0---000-000--|D]-------0h2---0h2-----222-222--2-2--0h2---0h2-----222-222--|A]--3-----------------22222222--3-3---------------22222222--|E]--------------------00000000--------------------00000000--|
VERSE: C Eme]----00-000----00-000--|B]----11-111----00-000--|G]----00-000----00-000--|D]--2-22-222----22-222--| (x4)A]--3-33-333--2-22-222--|E]------------0-00-000--|
F G C Cmaj9 Am F Ge]----11-111----33-333-|---0----0----00-00--|---11-111----3--|B]----11-111----00-000-|---1----1----11-11--|---11-111----0--|G]----22-222----00-000-|---0----0----22-22--|---22-222----0--|D]--3-33-333----00-000-|-2-2--0-0--2-22-22--|-3-33-333----0--|A]--3-33-333--2-22-222-|-3-3--2-2--0-00-00--|-3-33-333--2-2--|E]----11-111--3-33-333-|--------------------|---11-111--3-3--|
C Em Dear Diary, today was a good day C Em Papa and I picked wild flowers C Em Mama joined and we lay in the sunshine C Em Then we sang and danced for hours F G I know tomorrow will be even better C Cmaj9 Am So the good Lord I thank F G I'll write more later. Love, N/C Anne Frank
OUTRO: C Eme]----0-------------------0-----|B]----1---------------------0~--|G]----0------0-----0----0-------|D]----2--0h2---0h2--------------|A]--3-3-------------------------|E]--------------------0---------|
Techniques: (x) = muted strings (h) = hammer-on (p) = pull-off (/) = slide (~) = let it ring N/C = No Chord ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× R e m a i n i n g V e r s e s ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× VERSE 2: C Em Dear Diary, today was a great day C Em I bought myself a brand new horse C Em She’s strong and fast, and so very beautiful C Em And just a little wild, of course F G I know tomorrow I can tame her C Cmaj9 Am If I only believe F G Wish me luck Diary, N/C Christopher Reeve VERSE 3: C Em Dear Diary, today was a grand day C Em Took a bath, had a spot of tea C Em Did the New York Times crossword puzzle C Em Listened to a symphony F G I think I'll go for a leisurely drive now C Cmaj9 Am See what the day will bring F G Life is good. Love, N/C Rodney King VERSE 4: C Em Dear Diary, today was a fine day C Em I got the music in my soul C Em I’m writing songs and making records C Em I feel my life is finally whole F G I can’t wait to tell my father C Cmaj9 Am To see what he will say F G Peace and love Diary. Love, N/C Marvin Gaye
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