Stephen Lynch – Gangster Cowboy tab

"Gangster Cowboy" performed by Andrew Lynch
Originally From: "Stephen Lynch: Live in Del Ray"

Tabbed by Bushwhacker

Strum Pattern
twice per chord once per F and G in the chorus Asterisks are once with an extra down (D-DU-UDUD or D-DUD-DUD)let ring and pause ------------- Intro C F C G* C Well I'm a country boy through and through F But now I'm movin in to some place new C G Grandma died and left me her house in the ghetto C Well I'm gonna miss fishin that neckin F Truck pullin, cow ropin, and two steppin C G* I wonder if they'll let me build a meadow.....for my horse C It's all loaded up in my big red truck F I Pulled in the driveway said "Oh what luck" C G I better call Dasiy and Uncle Jetto F Gangster Cowboy C Gangster Cowboy F G C Gangster Cowboy C Now instead of howdy I give a duece duece F I sit on my porch and drink gin and juice C G And the kids drive by shootin their nines in the air C I went to the club I was the best hoofer F On the back of my horse I got a kickin' pair of woofers C G* And I caught a wino in my huntin' snare.....had to let him go C Don't like the noise I don't like the small talk F I do like hearin' my Snoop doggy dog C G* And my horse wants to get braids put in her the neighbor kids F Gangster Cowboy C Gangster Cowboy F G C Gangster Cowboy C Sold my truck and bought a Cadillac F I got a one tooth hooker that smokes crack C Now my rifle is called a gat G* And my best friend's name is Daddy Mac.....or Mac Daddy F Gangster Cowboy C Gangster Cowboy F G Am Gangster Cowboy F G C Gangster Cowboy Outro Just down on G then down on C
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