Stephen Lynch - Queer Tattoo chords

Capo should be used on 2nd fret, but can be moved one up or down to account for 
different voice ranges. 
Just listen to the song to find the rythm.

Intro - 

C  Am  G

Verse 1.
C Am GUnicorn, butterfly, angelwings on your inner thigh
C Am G Queer tattoo, that's a queer tattoo
C Am GFlaming skull, smoking pot, bet you wish you never got that
C Am GQueer tattoo, that's a queer tattoo
Verse 2.
C Am G You got a tribalband, a school mascot, you got a hello kitty. Tell you what you got, you've got a
C Am Gqueer tattoo. That's a queer tattoo.
C Am GYou think that symbol in japanese means strength or honour...Nigga please,
C Am GThat's a queer tattoo, it's a queer tattoo
Verse 3.
C Am GAny lower back tattoo is queer, it might as well say "insert cock here"
C Am GThat's a queer tattoo, it's a queer tattoo
C Am G And that teardrop under your eye, that you got in prison 'cause you killed a guy
C Am GThat's a cool tattoo, it's a cool tattoo
Verse 4.
C Am GYou've got barbed wire, you got a tragedy mask, got a smiling Jesus then you must have asked for a
C Am GQueer tattoo, give me you most queer tattoo
C Am GAnd by queer I just mean bad, it wouldn't be gay unless you had:
C Am GA big triangle or a rainbow flag, a guy wearing leather and a red ball gag
C Am GThat's a queer tattoo, a really really queer tattoo.
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