Stephen Lynch - Voices In My Head chords version 1

This is from the CD 'The Craig Machine'

The finger picking is pretty easy. Just pluck the bass note (E or A) in each chord then pluck the rest of the notes. The other tab is slightly off. This one is perfect.
G Bm G Bm G BmThank you all for coming to my show
G Bm G Bm G BmYou've been great, but now i have to go.
Em Bm Em Bm Em BmEveryone had a super time i hope
G Bm G Bm G BmSome songs tend to push the envelope
C DThese are things that i have said,
C Dbut there are voices in my head,
C Dand if you could here them,
C Dthis is what they'd say:
Back to: G Bm, etc... All the verses and choruses are the same. Enjoy!
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