Stephen Lynch - Tennessee chords version 2

                                         T e n n e s s e e
                                     S T E P H E N   L Y N C H

                   +--------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------+
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Tabbed by Jordan Lapping Tuning: E (Standard)
CHORDS USED: C D Em G G/F#e]---0----2----0----3----3---|B]---1----3----0----0----0---|G]---0----2----0----0----0---|D]---2----0----2----0----0---|A]---3---------2----2----x---|E]-------------0----3----2---|
C D G I've seen rocky mountains and great lakes
C D G Stood beneath the redwood tree
C D G G/F# Em But wherever I go my heart aches
C D G G/F# For a place called Tennessee
Em C G D Oh, I wanna be
C G C D Where the whiskey flows like wine and the meth labs are devine
Em C G D Oh, come with me
C G C D Cotton grows as tall as oaks and it's picked by poor black folks
N/C G That's Tennessee
C D G It's a place where dualling banjos play
C D G Where the mountain folk run free
C D G G/F# Em Where the kids can all spell 'K K K'
C D G G/F# But can not spell Tennessee
Em C G D Oh, I wanna be
C G C D Where the Hatchie river flows and the kids have 13 toes
Em C G D Oh, come with me
C G C D Where the hotdogs are deep fried - that's the reason Elvis died
N/C G In Tennessee
C D G Cold winds whisper and the willows weep
C D G Let some romantic dream come true
C D G G/F# Em Where that special feeling way down deep
C D G G/F# When your sister says, "I do"
Em C G D Oh, I wanna be
C G C D Where the baptist preachers shout that if you're gay, you best get out
Em C G D Oh, come with me
C G C D Where hospitality's the thing, just as Martin Luther King
N/C G Shot in Tennessee
INTERLUDE: C - D - G - G (X2) C - D - G - G/F# - Em C - D - G - G CHORUS 4:
Em C G D Oh, I wanna see
C G C D Mountain Dew in every cup, and all the dentists just gave up
Em C G D Oh, come with me
C G C D In my flat-bed pick-up truck; that's where the classy ladies fuck
N/C C In Tennessee
C G Oh, in Tennessee
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