Stephen Lynch – Mothers Day Song tab

This is off the "A Little Bit Special" and "Superhero" album
if you're such a Lynch fan as I am! 

Mother's Day Song

e ---------------------------------b -----2----------------2----------g ------2----------------2---------d ----2--2-------------2--2--------a -0----------------0--------------e ---------3--0--3----------3--0--3 continues for a while
Thank you dear lady, for being my mom you did all my homework you took me to prom B G N/C and I was the only guy...who got lucky that night
(back to)e -----------------------------------0b -----2----------------2------------2g ------2----------------2-----------2d ----2--2-------------2--2----------2a -0----------------0----------------0e ---------3--0--3----------3--0--3--- (end)
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