Stephen Lynch – Love Song If I Had A tab

This is a new song by lynch and it's hilarious.  I'm not sure of the actual
name of a few chords, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see what
I'm referring to in the intro.  I do comedy songs too, check out

Capo on the 4th Fret
Intro: C/G-C/G2, C(pick) D(pick) 

C          G            C                G           
If I had a hammer, I'd build a house for 2

    C             G             Am                D
And if I had a sailing ship I'd take a trip with you

C            G             C                 G 
If I had a poet's hand I'd write a verse for thee

     C               G                Am               D     
And if I had the painter's touch, on canvas you would be

     C             G              C            G
But I don't have a hammer and I don't have a ship

     C                  G        Am               D
So I can't build your house and we can't take a trip

       C           G                 C             G
And I'll never be a poet or have the painter's grace

     C                    G         Am              D
So I'll never write your verse or immortalize your face

And also, I have herpes!

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