Stephen Lynch – Best Friends Song tab

Best Friends Song (aka F Your Sister) Chords
by Stephen Lynch and featuring Mark Teich

Tabbed by: wizard7926

Tuning: standard

Chords used:(I like to use a modified F here) C G F Ame|--0--3--0--0--|B|--1--3--1--1--|G|--0--0--1--2--|D|--2--0--2--2--|A|--3--3--3--0--|E|--x--2--x--x--|
Mark sings the first and third lines of each verse, and Lynch sings 2 and 4.
Intro C G F G e|--0--3--0--3--0--3--0---------|B|--1--3--1--3--1--3--1---------|G|--0--0--1--0--0--0--1---------|D|--2--0--2--0--2--0--2---------|A|--3--3--3--3--3--3--3----0-2--|E|--x--2--x--2--x--2--x--3------|
C G I like my toast buttered... F G And I'll take mine dry... C G I dig the Beatles... F G I'm a Stones kinda guy... Am G G(single hard strum and mute) I have fine taste... Am G G(single strum again) And I like things cheap... F I wanna stay up all night... G I just wanna sleep... with your sister. (play full intro through 1x to fill) C G I like the sunshine.. wait.. F G And I wanna nail your sister... (Teich:there you just did it again!) C G I like Julia Roberts movies... F G I just wanna F the S outta your sister! Am G G(hard strum) Well Teich, you would rule... Am G(keep strumming) If you'd say, "It's cool!" (Teich: It's not cool!) F I'd go pick her up... G At her junior high school! Yeah, your sister... *** From here on he goes about saying alot of things that probably shouldn't be repeated here... but also, he changes the words around from show to show and version to version, so feel free to throw in whatever you want at this point. The strumming pattern is still the same, and it usually gets a little faster at this point while he's getting into it, and if you listen close, he doesn't really strum in time, so just do what you can with it, it's harder than it seems! *** C G F G Then, after the final dialogue, finish off with a nice G C Enjoy! Comments welcome.
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